Turkey shows strong reaction to Greece’s outrageous and fake tweet


Deputy Interior Minister Ismail Çataklı reacted harshly to Greek Immigration and Asylum Minister Notis Mitarachi after he targeted Türkiye using a 2019 photograph of immigrants who were robbed, stripped and left for dead by the Greek security forces at the border.

In response to the Greek minister, Çataklı said, “You (Greece) are trying to make the image of your persecution look like Türkiye…Try to become a little civilized!”

In line with growing provocations and baseless accusations from Greece, this time an old photo of immigrants who were robbed by Greek security forces and left to die at the border has been used to falsely accuse Ankara of ‘mistreatment’ .

“Since you cannot find a single human rights violation in Turkey, you are trying to portray the image of your own persecution to be in Turkey! Spend the time you have on manipulation and dishonesty in respect for human rights! Come on, it’s not hard; become a little civilized!” Catakli said.

Turkey and human rights groups have repeatedly condemned Greece’s illegal practice of pushing back irregular migrants, saying it violates humanitarian values ​​and international law by endangering the lives of vulnerable migrants, including women and children.

In recent years, hundreds of thousands of people have made short but perilous journeys across the Aegean to reach northern and western Europe in search of a better life. Hundreds of people died at sea as many boats carrying refugees sank or capsized. The Turkish Coastguard Command rescued thousands more.

Pushbacks are contrary to international agreements on the protection of refugees, which state that people should not be deported or sent back to a country where their life and safety could be at risk because of their race, religion, nationality or membership in a social or political group.

The head of the Migration Management Directorate, Savaş Ünlü, also criticized Greece on the same day, writing on Twitter: “There is not a single case or report that cites such inhumane treatment by Türkiye against innocent people. .

“Your attempt to hide OLAF’s report on human rights violations is not surprising, but just shameful. This cannot be a coincidence,” he added.

Greece’s accusations against Turkey come days after a much-anticipated report by the European Union’s anti-fraud watchdog, OLAF, said employees of the European Custody Agency border and coast guard (Frontex) concealed the illegal deportations of migrants to Turkey in violation of the “fundamental rights” of peoples.

OLAF’s 120-page report was made public on Thursday by German freedom of information portal FragDenStaat, in conjunction with media outlets Der Spiegel and Lighthouse Reports.

Senior Frontex officials committed “serious misconduct and other irregularities” by covering up incidents, failing to investigate or dealing with them properly, the report said, but names were redacted.

Frontex officers also may not have reported alleged pushbacks for fear of repercussions from Greece, according to the report.

Greece and Frontex have denied any wrongdoing so far, but the OLAF report raises questions about whether Frontex will continue to operate in Greece.

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