Twitch community reacts as GreekGodx is banned from the platform


Controversial streamer GreekGodx has just received a ban from the purple platform and fans are clamoring to know the reason behind it. His third ban follows an alleged day of rants where the Greek could have walked out of line. The exact reason for the ban remains to be determined.

The streamer has been heavily criticized by his peers and his own community for his polarizing views. According to Twitch Tracker, his opinions and follower count have stagnated recently, and many popular streamers, such as Hasanabi, have called him out for outspokenly spreading anti-vax theories and calling vaccinated people “sheep.”

Social Media Reacts To GreekGodx Ban

As mentioned earlier, Greek is infamous for being outspoken about controversial topics on his stream. While many have noted his poor attitude, the streamer himself has publicly spoken about not getting along with his peers.

Dimitri Raymondo “GreekGodx” is a British streamer of Greek descent, hence his name. The streamer reportedly went on several rants on his recent stream, resulting in a subsequent ban.

Following his suspension, people accused him of being sexist and completely inappropriate in the way he spoke about women and children. Many of them expressed themselves with memes.

While most Twitter users thought the ban was justified, some want him back on top:

Many have pointed out how Greek’s content has “fallen” and that they cannot support the streamer despite his good run in the past. Many tweeted about his plausible reaction to the ban, predicting he would complain about cancel culture and fuss:

@StreamerBans @greekgodx I watched him grow, on the first Twitch streamers I watched. It’s honestly so sad to see how far he’s gone astray over the last two years, first with the vaccine crap and now with this. Dude gone crazy

@StreamerBans @greekgodx Nothing has been lost. Dude fell after tyler1 and greek streams. Also after losing all that weight. His ego went to his head.

Reddit also chimed in, with some calling it a whiny baby ::

Some have written detailed tirades about GreekGodx, claiming its content has become too outdated. They further felt that the streamer does childish things to get attention and stay relevant:

Redditors were eager to spread the news of his ban and possible reasons:

Some mocked Greek outright by quoting his own lines:

Many joked about his controversial anti-vax comments. In fact, one Redditor thought he should mask himself to avoid being detected by Twitch TOS:

Additionally, many referred to his outrageous statements, making it clear what most of the streaming community thought of the ban:

Some felt that his comments about women and religion would actually end his career:

The allegations that most netizens are leveling at GreekGodx are quite serious and require careful consideration. If he launched into a misogynistic rant and offended sections of society, there would be no arguing against his suspension.

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