‘Waiting for eternity….!!! An endless wait.


Below is a short list of happenings/happenings that will never have a positive ending for India and Indians. The Indians will always remain Waiting….

  1. The Kashmir issue will be resolved amicably with Pakistan. If Kashmir is allowed by any Pakistani ruler/government to be resolved amicably with India, then Pakistan loses its raison d’etre and misses its favorite punching bag. India and Kashmiris will have to understand that it is not in Pakistan’s interest to resolve Kashmir. Kashmir-based parties need to understand this. It will always be kept boiling;
  2. Indian politics and Indian affairs will see the role of the dynasty diminish. Our epics Ramayana and Mahabharat (in particular) are about dynasties and their struggles for power, pomp, privilege, taking the throne. India also has the saying that no Dynasty survives the 3rd generation – ‘haveli ki umar 60 saal!’. Dynasties will rise and fall and new ones will emerge. They are an integral part of Indian life;
  3. The hope that the genius of the reservations that we have uncorked will be bottled again. That will never happen. Reservations will always be an integral part of the social and political being of India. The reservations genius is a post-independence creation of free Indian politicians. Reservations are a big problem for many political parties. I can’t blame anyone but us for this;
  4. This income tax in India will be accepted by all as a progressive and forward-looking tax measure. With the current practical exclusions (farm income not subject to income tax), tax incentives more geared towards the wealthy than the average Indian income, this income tax will always be a hated tax. The Indian nation will have to integrate income and indirect taxes allowing fungibility between the two forms of taxes to reduce certain rigors. Unless this happens, large-scale tax evasion will always be present;
  5. That the Indian neta is in politics for social service and not for its own generation of wealth. At each election, our netas must declare their wealth. In less than 10 years, the person’s wealth goes from thousands to crores. No questions asked – just complete the declaration. No tax authority will inquire into the source of this wealth. This is normal for the course. Corruption and politics will always be synonymous;
  6. That our politics will be less toxic. The first injection of real toxicity into Indian politics came from CPM leader Harkishen Surjeet in the 1990s. It was he who forged this front against the ‘unwanted’ BJP which was to be a political untouchable and create a so-called secular front . Unfortunately, he paved the way for the death of his party. A policy without compromise or reconciliation was not accepted by the Indian electorate. The electorate has never regarded any party as a “Devil”. However, the injection of toxicity continues to play out in the political lexicon and does not seem to stop in the visible future;
  7. That India will appreciate the creators of wealth and remove those who are obstacles to progress and development. Gandhi’s philosophy of non-cooperation is not applicable today when we have autonomy. However, we continue to praise those who come on the path of development, while constantly distrusting those who generate wealth and employment;
  8. That despite being a successful democracy for 75 years (with a brief period of emergency), we continue to be lectured and harassed about the shortcomings of our democracy. Whether international indices are created and calculated to make India’s progress look uneven, non-participatory, India’s democratic elections will be branded an electoral dictatorship – all because the election result does not match the opinion of the body international creating these indices. In India, we have influential people who measure India’s progress against foreigners;
  9. The philosophy of life under the Abrahamic religions of Christianity and Islam (linear activity) covering the Americas, Europe and West Asia and the philosophy of life under Indian philosophy guided by largely Hindu thoughts of circular activity and ripple effects will never merge. In fact, the religious and life philosophy of the East – China, Japan, Korea, Sri Lanka and India will always differ from the West. Requires acceptance by all of the difference in approach.

The wait for all of the above to change will never end. It will never end, for it demands that We change, even if it is not always necessary. This is why we will be in eternal WAIT mode.



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