What makes a good citizen? Voting, say 7/10 people in the latest Pew poll. Religion, not so much


New Delhi: A new survey by US think tank Pew Research Center has found that 7 out of 10 people in 19 advanced economies consider voting to be “very important” to becoming a good member of society.

Besides voting, taking action to reduce climate change and getting a Covid-19 vaccine were also considered “imperative” to be seen as responsible citizens. The survey was conducted from February to June this year among 24,525 adults.

A majority of respondents also said that participating in religious activities was not essential to good citizenship. Of the 16% who thought it was important, many were from Malaysia, Singapore and Poland.

As many as 73% of those polled, mostly from Sweden, Canada and South Korea, considered voting to be “very important”. In contrast, people in countries like Poland, Belgium and Israel, which have witnessed political instability and international interference in domestic politics, thought voting was ‘less important’ to being prominent members of society. .

The survey also found that people who supported the ruling party were more likely to see voting as crucial than those who did not.

People who thought their political systems allowed them to influence politics also thought voting was important. In France, 84% of participants who thought they were politically effective considered voting very important, while 75% thought their vote had no impact on government.

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Fight against climate change

Six in 10 respondents said taking action on global climate change was important in order to be seen as a good member of society. It also found that women were more likely than men to take action to reduce the effects of environmental damage.

In Australia, where climate change is seen as a major challenge, 74% of respondents were ready to take action to make choices to limit environmental damage. In comparison, respondents in countries such as the United States (32%) and Israel (24%) do not consider it important to act on climate change.

In two-thirds of the countries surveyed, those on the ideological left were more likely to believe it was important to take action on climate change than those on the ideological right. This difference was largest in the United States, with 66% of liberals considering climate-related decisions to be very important, compared to 19% of conservatives.

Get vaccinated against Covid-19, be informed of the news

A large majority, 8 out of 10, respondents believe that getting vaccinated against Covid-19 is important to becoming a good citizen of society. Respondents over the age of 50 were more likely than younger people to view vaccination as a crucial part of being a good member of society, the study found.

In the United States, 82% of adults 50 and older thought vaccination was important, while 64% of 30-49 year olds and 47% of adults under 30 favored the Covid vaccination.

The survey also revealed that in Canada, Greece, Italy, Spain, Australia and South Korea, women were more likely than men to think that a good citizen should be informed about the news. . Three-quarters of adults in each country surveyed noted that following domestic politics was important to being a good member of society.

Participating in protests was another factor in being considered good citizens, especially in countries like Canada where adults under 30 (41%) are about twice as likely as those 50 and older (22%) consider the protests to be important.

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