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What happens when you combine a forensic psychologist, a Catholic seminarian, and a tech entrepreneur in one show? You obtain Bad, a refreshing take on the supernatural story arc where logic and belief collide. Dr Kristen Bouchard is a skeptical psychologist who joins Catholic priest-in-training Father David Acosta and tech entrepreneur Ben Shakir. They explore and investigate supposed paranormal activities, unexplained conspiracies, alleged demonic possessions, and other anomalous happenings. The trio must draw the line between science and religion to see if there’s something supernatural behind these mysteries or just plain logic.

Bad originally premiered in 2019 on CBS. Despite struggling to deliver linear ratings, the twisty supernatural drama managed to excel on digital platforms. Season 2 of Bad made its move to Paramount+ after proving to be a strong performer when the first season aired on the platform and Netflix. Bad is renewed for a third season on Paramount+ again, which will premiere on June 12, 2022.


While you catch up on the show, check out this cast and character guide.

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Katja Herber plays Dr. Kristen Bouchard, a forensic psychologist hired by Father David Acosta to investigate paranormal occurrences and help distinguish between legitimate evidence of demonic possession or insanity. Initially, Bouchard worked for the district attorney’s office. She is responsible for interviewing criminals to determine if they are fit to stand trial and able to testify as witnesses.

A great skeptic at first, she is not religious and does not believe in the supernatural. However, the demons taunt her while she sleeps, putting her scientific beliefs to the test. Bouchard was an avid climber, having reached many peaks. However, she gave up her passion for climbing to raise her four daughters.

Herbers is a Dutch actress who cemented her name on television with her roles as Dr Helen Prins in the drama series manhattan and Emily Grace in the HBO sci-fi drama Westworld.

Mike Colter as Father David Acosta

mike colter plays Father David Acosta, a former journalist who is now a seminarian studying to become a Catholic priest. As an evaluator, working with Bouchard, Acosta’s job is to investigate mysteries such as anomalous activities or demon possession and deduce whether they have legitimate scientific reasoning or are l proven work of the devil.

Despite Bourchard’s disbelief, Colter is a kind-hearted man who is open to people with different opinions and beliefs, even if they are distant from the teachings of the Church. He may not impose his beliefs on other people, but Colter is more than happy to explain if anyone inquires about his faith. Colter struggles with addiction – he takes hallucinogens to improve his visions, unsure if they are a figment of his mind or a sign from God.

Colter has an extensive acting portfolio in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, with appearances in Luke Cage, The defendersand Jessica Jones. He also featured in The good wife and Men in Black 3.

Aasif Mandvi plays Ben Shakir, a blue-collar contractor who acts as the investigative trio’s technical expert and equipment manager. He is the go-to person for providing electronic or environmental explanations behind so-called supernatural events. Along with Bouchard and Acosta, Shakir works together to debunk paranormal cases, including the single incident in “Genesis 1”, where an alleged demonic whisper turns out to be the sounds coming from the dishwasher.

He is knowledgeable, which shows through his strong aptitude for technology. Although easygoing, he is more skeptical than Bouchard, to the point that he can come across as critical, which is why he prefers to keep his opinions to himself. But, at the end of the day, Shakir enjoys helping people with somewhat creative solutions.

Mandvi is a British-American actor who appeared as a correspondent in The daily show from 2006 to 2017. In addition to his appearance on the Daily Show, the actor made his appearance on television in the comedy series The edge. He has also made films, including Spiderman 2 and The last air Master.

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Kurt Fuller as Dr. Kurt Boggs

Kurt Fuller plays Dr. Kurt Boggs, a board-certified psychiatrist and current Bouchard therapist. Making his first appearance in “Genesis 1”, he has been treating Bouchard for years and is surprised when Bouchard tells him about his demonic night terrors, for which he prescribes Diazepam. When Bouchard accuses him of sharing his therapy session with others, which he denies, things change. However, it is eventually shown that someone took his notes behind his back. A balanced head and a strong scientific background, Boggs is a patient man who strives to understand where his patients are coming from.

You can watch Kurt Fuller in the comedy classic Wayne’s World. The American actor also starred in Psych, Supernaturaland Without taboo.

Michael Emerson plays Dr. Leland Townsend, who is also a forensic psychologist and professional enemy of Bouchard. As a psychologist in the civil courts and criminal justice system, he relies on many methods of assessing criminals – ranging from psychotherapy, mental capacity assessments and child witness interviews.

In a sick twist, Townsend thrives on encouraging others to commit evil acts. He is particularly interested in the concept of sin. Despite a stoic, put together facade that could easily charm anyone, Leland is a master manipulator. However, this is all smoke and mirrors. In reality, Leland is an insecure former claims adjuster from Des Moines named Jake Perry.

With two Primetime Emmy Awards under his belt, you can catch Emerson playing serial killer William Hinks on The practice and also like Benjamin Linus on Lost. In addition, he has made several appearances on The CW series. Arrow and as a key character on person of interest.

Christine Lahti as Sheryl Luria

Christine Lahti plays Sheryl Luria, Bouchard’s carefree mother, who serves as the fun-loving self-styled grandmother to her four grandchildren. Unlike Bouchard’s strictness, Luria often watches over her granddaughters and gives them gifts like a new VR game. However, Luria might be oblivious to some dangers, thanks to her minimal supervision of the girls as they try out a game intended for adult audiences.

Despite her age, Luria’s confidence and outgoing personality drives her into the dating scene, where she meets Townsend. She becomes obsessed with Leland, despite Bouchard’s strong disapproval. She pursues a relationship with Townsend in secret, which ends in an engagement. However, under Leland’s manipulation, Luria follows his morally questionable advice.

Lahti has already appeared in the film swing changein which she was nominated for the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress. She also appears in …And justice for all, Housekeepingand leave normal.

Marti Matulis as George

Marti Matulis plays George, who plays a demon whose only mission is to terrify Bouchard through his nightmares. It is never confirmed if George is a product of Bouchard’s mind or if he is the result of a strong demonic influence. The demon has also been known to shapeshift into other forms, such as an AR Demon, the Winged Demon, and Townsend’s Devil Therapist. George’s voice is provided by Euan Morton.

Despite being a demonic entity with inconsequential ties to Earth, George is very much in tune with recent events. Unlike your traditional demon, who is all scared and insubstantial, George talks too much and has a relaxed way of speaking. The large humanoid creature appears as a shadow person, with leathery skin and long, claw-like fingers. Much to Bouchard’s chagrin, George feels at home in his residence and enjoys coming out of the dark and causing distress.

Prior to the show, Matulis was involved in large-scale projects such as Harry Potter, Star Trek: Enterpriseand MTV Season 5 Teen Wolf like The Surgeon.


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