Why Christmas in December instead of March?

why the date of birth of Jesus was not taken into account on March 25 …
Herod was king of Judea. Herod asked the callers to let him know exactly where the child was born to worship Jesus. They followed the star where the child was born. All Jerusalem is troubled by him, ”says the Bible. That is, the foundations of the ruling class were shaken by his arrival.

An ordinary lady sang a revolutionary song while the child was in her womb. The birth of Jesus Christ is therefore different. The small town of Bethlehem suddenly became more important with the birth of the Lord Jesus Christ. Many went to Bethlehem around this time. No one who has been to Bethlehem from different parts of the world like this has stayed there. And came back from there. Christmas is not going to Bethlehem, it is leaving Bethlehem.
Why December 25?
In 274 AD, the Roman Emperor Aurelius ordered the sun god, one of the gods of the Greek religion, to hold a feast in all the kingdoms during his reign.
He ordered the ceremony to be performed on December 25.
In an effort to protect Christians who do not want to worship gods other than Heavenly Father from the Greek feast in Rome, the Roman Church, which later flourished as the mother church, issued an edict to celebrate the Nativity on the same day. a study of religious history.
According to the second argument, we can learn from the parables of the saints that the life of Jesus was celebrated on March 12.
According to this, the biblical conclusion is that the angel Gabriel must have spoken the word of God to Mary on March 25. According to the mathematical system of the Jews at that time, the start and end of human life were calculated as a whole number in one day.

According to this argument, Jesus was born on March 25 in the womb of a virgin mother. Exactly from this, if one calculates the full developmental time of a child, one concludes that the Lord Jesus must be born on December 25th.
Although the two arguments are different, they basically agree that December 25 is the date of Jesus’ birth.
May the purpose of Christ’s birth be fulfilled in the life of all the peoples of the world.


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