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One of the benefits of writing this column is that you meet and get to know some of the best souls in the Olean region.

Among them is Beverly Twitty-Terrien of Olean, a graduate of Olean High School and the Olean Business Institute and, musically, one of the most gifted people in the Olean area.

Like others, Bev has her physical struggles; However, she continues to persevere not because of positive thinking, but rather she recognizes that difficulties can be part of our lives in this imperfect world.

“Our Lord has told us that there will be afflictions, but from our problems we are much more able to reflect the glory of Jesus. My ministry is my life, it’s not about me, it’s about the Lord, Bev was saying in a recent conversation.

IN THE LETTER to the Hebrews, part of the New Covenant, chapter 11 is the hall of fame of faith. Abraham is there; the same goes for Rehab, a blood relative of Jesus Christ; Moses is also included.

There are no lightweights in chapter 11. All have been tested and found to be faithful to God.

When the permanent Kingdom of God becomes a reality, it’s hard to imagine Bev not being a part of it.

Like the people listed above, Bev has been loyal.

God doesn’t ask for more than that.


á OLEAN: In the film “The Passion of the Christ” by Mel Gibson, we see Mary, the mother of Jesus, played by Maia Morgenstern, a Jewess. This makes sense since Mary, who probably gave birth to Jesus in her early teens, was Jewish. Some Christian denominations might think that Mary is Protestant or Catholic, but this is not the historical reality.

at ST. BONAVENTURE: During the Temple game earlier this month at the Reilly Center, students hoisted this sign: reign of ßSolomon; Destruction of the Temple.at Theology correct, but unfortunately the final score was Owls 61, Bonnies 44.

NEXT WEEK: Have you ever been asked to do something that your soul convinced you to do, but your human nature said, “I don’t really want to do that?”

á OLEAN: Back to the film “The Passion of the Christ”: If you have seen it or if you have talked about it with others, what do you think? Submit it for review in this column. Please sign your letter, provide a phone number, and be relatively brief.

á TIKVAH (Hebrew word for hope, a commodity we all need. The word is in Judeo-Christian scriptures in several places, including Paul’s first letter to the Corinthians (13:13).

(Joe Downey, retired Times Herald religious editor, writes about religion every Saturday.)


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