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The MLB free agent market is heating up as the Yankees re-signed first baseman Anthony Rizzo while New York slugger Aaron Judge is yet to sign a new contract after his historic season. In the NFL, Cooper Kupp joins the growing list of top offensive players to land on injured reserve while star Washington defensive end Chase Young is set to return from injury and play his first game with Commanders in over a year. and fans planning to attend the World Cup in Qatar have … which is harder to do than you think. Additionally, with the success of games in London, Mexico City and Munich, the NFL plans to host two more countries for the America’s Game.

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JARED WHARF: MLB free agency is upon us, and the Yankees are taking over. New York has resigned its first baseman, Anthony Rizzo, for a two-year, $40 million contract. But the biggest fish in the market has yet to be brought in.

Yankees owner and president Howard Steinbrenner told reporters he met with home run king Aaron Judge, saying of the reunion, quote: “I think we have something good here. ” End of quote.

But those goodies will come with a hefty price tag, as Judge turned down New York’s $213 million contract offer ahead of the slugger’s historic season. It will get more expensive than that. Yesterday’s price is not today’s price.

You’re gonna need a bigger boat.

JARED WHARF: The injury bug has bitten the hell out of the NFL this year, man. And it doesn’t seem to stop. Rams star Cooper Kupp needs surgery to repair his ankle which he broke in LA’s Week 10 loss to the Cardinals.

Just to add insult to injury.

JARED WHARF: Kupp joins a group of top offensive players who have recently landed on the IR roster this season, including Darren Waller, Marquise Brown and Zach Ertz. On the other hand, there is good news for commanders in Washington.

We are upside down.

JARED WHARF: First, they snapped the Eagles’ undefeated season in Philadelphia on Monday Night Football, and now it’s Washington who will activate Chase Young from the PUP roster.


JARED WHARF: The star defensive end hasn’t played since tearing his ACL last November, and he may be the missing piece Washington needs to compete in the NFC East.

I’m afraid that’s too far fetched.

JARED WHARF: Now, if you think that’s far-fetched, what do you think of Parisian football?


JARED WHARF: No, Lisa, I don’t speak French. But I speak the language of baguettes and wine with a football side, which could be a reality. With the success of NFL games in London, Mexico City and more recently Munich, the league plans to host games in France and Spain. These countries are already big fans of the other football…

Football is life!

JARED WHARF: — so expanding further into Europe makes sense to me. What doesn’t make as much sense to me is the concessions situation at the next World Cup. As thousands of football fans from all over the world travel to the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, they might struggle to find a drink.

We have to check the pub.

JARED WHARF: Qatar’s national religion prohibits drinking and the laws are strict. Like, no public consumption. But a Seattle-based aerospace vendor has essentially created a marauders map where visitors can find pubs to enjoy their football with libations.

Accomplished civil servant.

JARED WHARF: You can read all about it right here on Yahoo Sports, with this fun feature written by Henry Bushnell. Hey, bosses. Can I go on a mission for a compelling story like this? I mean, I can farm sources in secret pubs. I mean, I went to the University of Miami, so I feel like it’s instant qualifying.

Like, I basically specialized in partying. Nobody can drink a beer better than me. Okay, maybe there are a few offensive linemen in the NFL. But no one in Qatar can drink a beer better than me.


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