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Harold Horstmann, Lohman

Dear Editor,

I think it’s time for the News Tribune to stop the hypocrisy! It is obvious that they will take who knows how much money for a full page advertisement, the intention of which is to destroy our culture and our heritage as a Christian nation!

My reference is a full page A14 from the 9/18 News Tribune: “I am secular and I vote”! Their willingness to sell their souls to an organization such as the Freedom From Religion Foundation is the best example of why the Christian religion(s) are on the ropes and losing influence in the direction of our nation. The question I would ask Jodette C. Lenser does the FFRF have a document defining the limits to all human activity? I guess they are just an organization bent on promoting cultural destruction and chaos as we are currently experiencing in our cities, schools and our southern border.

I draw your attention to a September 18 article by Simon Kent: “Faith No More: Study Reveals America’s Declining Christian Majority.” A quote from the article: “If recent trends in change (change in religious affiliation) continue, we projected that Christians could represent between 35% and 46% of the U.S. population in 2070,” said Stephanie Kramer, the lead researcher who led the study. Just think of the cultural chaos that your children and grandchildren will have to experience in their lives with “Nones” at the controls!

It’s time for ostensibly Christian organizations like the NT, which claims to be by their tiny little bible verse on the next page, to grow a backbone and stand up for what they are apparently trying to deceive us, the subscribers, as to their Christian beliefs. It is high time for Christians to be brave and stand up for God and his word if we hope to retain our freedoms with a secure and prosperous future.

Like the nations that the Lord destroyed before you, so you will be destroyed because you did not obey the Lord your God. (Deuteronomy 8:20)

May God protect us and our nation from the pagans! definition: (in historical contexts) an individual of a people who do not recognize the God of the Bible; a person who is not Jewish, Christian or Muslim; a pagan.


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